Crying Of The Whales

by Abarax

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Pie I read several reviews faulting this record for sounding too much like Pink Floyd. My rebuttal: (1) So what. (2) I like it; that makes it a good record (3) Who doesn't like whales?? Favorite track: Journey's End.
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A "rock music fantasy" describing the imaginative truth about the whales and the reasons for their existence. After nearly 3 years of continuously interrupted research and never ending mind games we came up with this seemingly quite unequivocal thesis. The further our project advanced the clearer it became and so did the music to underplay our suggestions. Whether or not true, significant or insignificant, we thought it was the right topic and the right time. We hope you care and enjoy.

Dennis Grasekamp - lead guitar, drums, bass
André Deininger - vocals, guitar, e-bow
André Grasekamp - bass
Howard Hanks - guitar & lyrics
Udo Grasekamp - keyboards & sounds


released February 1, 2006

the work:
all songs written and performed by Abarax
recorded at Timelessrock-Studios, Enger - Germany
arranged and produced by Howard Hanks, Dennis Grasekamp,
André Deininger and Udo Grasekamp (Sept.'02 - Nov.'04)
special vocal arrangements by André Deininger
mixed & mastered by Udo Grasekamp

special thanks to:
Ruth Grasekamp for her outstanding patience with all involved
Pink Floyd for inspirations and a music style we miss so much
Melanie Schacht - art and design
Cyclops Records, London (CYCL 153)



all rights reserved


Abarax NRW, Germany

Around autumn 2003 Howard Hanks, Dennis Grasekamp and Udo Grasekamp, all members of the band Taste of Timeless decided, they had to do something about the "Pink Floyd-less times". As they were all big fans of this music, they were all suffering with the lack of new material from this band. Somebody had the brilliant idea during a practising session to play a floydian theme. The idea was born.... ... more

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Track Name: Crying Of The Whales Part 1
"For 6 million years there's been a story
We as humans just haven't listened to
Have we been too proud and not allowed
our ears, our hearts to let it come, to let it come right through

Time takes it's toll and still we stroll
this planet earth, our place of birth
a part-time home, not ours alone
we are here to share - so do beware
Clear your minds - all human kinds
see the signs and let it sink, let it sink right into you"

The crying of the whale
been such an ancient tale
through time and centuries it's prevailed
listen to the whales

Venturing for - we want more
No pleasure with what we have
Like a vacuum it sucks us through
are they right the things we do?
No peace of mind - it's like a kind
a race you cannot win within your mind
Relentless pace is such a waste
if nothing is recieved
what you're looking for, can't be bought
can't be achieved or be taught
It's a state of mind and all
you'll find is peace
Track Name: Journey's End
Journey's done from shore to shore
We are tired now, don't want to run no more
All we want is to have a rest
We gave it all, we've done our best

Please, please forgive them, for they know not, not what they do
Pitifull little creatures alive on earth, they are to new
No thought for tomorrow, no only, only just one way
They think, think of nothing, think of nothing but today

Journey's done from shore to shore
We're tired now, don't want to run no more
All we want is to have a rest
We gave it all, yes we've done our best
Track Name: Whale Massacre
"Our blood is shed, the poor not fed.
The blind don't see, what you do to me.
You waste and want, you kill for joy.
Worthless with no need - your one and every deed.
No sense for matters that really count.
No rights no wrongs that do amount into a human being.
The massacre is what you are seeing"

Please spare the whale,
He must live on to tell this tale.
Do not destroy what gave you life and joy,
Don't throw it all away.

The seas turn red as the waters touch the horizon.
We have risen from the deep to the light that we were shown.
A vived spot of brightness to us much unknown.
Called up to the surface for to be shown.
Nothing was quite the same or will ever be again.
Chances were not in play - not at night, not at day.
Nothing more we could do to take these bad ways out of you.
That's no way to please the savior with your very bad behavior.

The seed of life - you've destroyed.
To kill the whale - you've enjoyed.
The Massacre - it will return
And in hell - you'll all burn.

We are the seed of life, the sperm of all creation,
Of every single colour and of every single nation.
Through us you came to be, your eyes began to see.
In time you left the water and did things you shouldn't ought to.
Free in mind and dealing your choices you were to take.
We gave you all the goodness but then you made the mistake.
You're not the only creature top of the scale.
You're not worth any more than a tree or a whale.
Nature returns with the light of the sun,
But your lives end before they've begun.
Track Name: Part Of Evolution
You're not the final solution,
You're part of evolution
Track Name: Nature's Voice
Nature will not remember
and has nothing to forget
it's days are never ending
and has nothing to regret

Nature don't follow any leader
and wont support no crime
its ways are true relentless
and its only friend is time

Nature won't ask for company
from mankind never so
it's seen all of our becoming
and its sure to see us go

Nature will not be beaten
won't be decieved or missled
if we don't abide to nature
Nature will kill us instead

The whale is nature's choice
the whale is nature's voice
without the whale to show
we'll find no way to go

The whale is nature's choice
the whale is nature's voice
without the whale to show
we'll have no way to go

To all mankind we plead
nothing more we humans need
without our nature's whale
there will be no further tale

Without its voice to hear
nature will let us disappear
nature has no other choice
if we destroy its only voice
Track Name: Point Of No Return
Why don't we believe in what, what we - we are seeing
Our eyes are wide open and yet, yet we - we ain't being
Being as nature calls before it lets us fall
Being as nature calls, calls to finalize us all.

Don't need to be - blinded by delight
Don't need to be - afraid of the night
Don't need to be - alone in a fight
Can't all be bad - I'll bet it's allright

Don't need to see - things going wrong
Don't need to hear - complaints coming strong
Don't need to listen - to the inner voice
can't all be bad - I've got the choice

Mankind has achieved - so much in his time
Don't want to step over - the crossing line

Don't want to reach - reach out for the point
reach out for the point of no return
Track Name: All These Walls
The whales have swum ashore - mankind can't ask for anymore
Our guidance and our faith - with you we are not safe
If no changes of yours are made and further we are betrayed
We will stop to be - what you can't seem to see
And changes will be made

We have done our share
Desperate tries, you'r not aware
Haven't learnt to see whats right
We won't give up our everlasting fight

Tried our best to guide you through
The rest was there for you to do
Tried to help you understand
Survival only hand in hand

All these walls, walls that we've built
Can't suffocade our guilt
All the blood that we've shed
Has been enough to grind a river bed
All the walls, walls that we've built
Can't hold back the blood we have spilt
We can't go on as were no end
To destroy what we can't mend.
Track Name: Crying Of The Whales Part 2
6 million years - the story's told
6 million years - you're getting old
The world we live in - is a place called earth
a friendly planet with the gift of birth
All creation starts on this earthly womb
We gave you life and endless room
you've taken all and far to soon
We will not let you turn it into a tomb

6 million years and you're getting old
you have not listened to what we've told
What once seemed right to your delight
and important to your cause
Has blown away just like the wind
a lifetime mover with no pause.
Like the wind your lifes they come and go
but we've been here much longer than you know

It can't be so hard to understand
Without the whale there be no man
To prosper and preserve all life
we must live together like man and wife.